Sooooooo, today was a good day!  :)

Preschool went well...  nothing really too exciting, but then when I headed down to the Art Hut around 1:25, I got an exciting surprise!  I never get to the Art Hut on time because the preschoolers are supposed to get picked up at 1 (and someone is always late) and free time (when i'm supposed to be there) starts at 1.  impossible.  So, typically when I get there, kids are already working on stuff and at least one typically has something out that they shouldn't and no one is doing the day's project...  Also, the Art Hut was totally disastrous - beads all over the floor, tissue paper/paper all over, tons of stuff all over the tables...  It looked like a bomb had gone off or a tornado went thru.  And I never have time to clean it.  But today, when I got there, the kids were all CLEANING!!!  There were a couple counselors in there who said that they had told them that they couldn't start anything until I got there and they should just clean til I arrived.  So they had the tables cleaned up, the floors swept, and they were "organizing" the supply table.   It was amazing.  We even managed to salvage some of the beads from the floor!
It had been driving me crazy and totally stressing me out!  So many thanks to those counselors!
God knew what I needed.

Plus, I get to pack tonight!  And that is exciting because it means that I am going to Elmwood!  And I'm excited because it's pretty much the only time all summer that I have plans other than camp.  And just to get away from camp for the weekend, into familiar places and things...

Ahh, such a fabulous day.  :)