This weekend is exactly the half-way point of summer here at camp - there are ten weeks of camp and this is between week 5 and week 6.  So I have been doing some reflecting.

I've learned a lot of things this summer.  Especially about myself.  So, I decided to make a list.
Here it is.

Thirty-Five Things that I have Learned this Summer:
1.  I have a lot of pet peeves.
2.  I like for things to start close to when they are supposed to.  Twenty-five minutes late is just unnacceptable.
3.  It drives me crazy when people talk when someone else is trying to - campers or staff members.  Just shut up already!
4.  Good-tasting (and smelling) water should not be taken for granted.
5.  Reading your Bible daily is SO important and it's something that I need to work on.
6.  My schoo friends are even more amazing than I realized.  I miss them all so much.
7.  I really enjoy sitting and relaxing outside.  It's a great place to just think.
8.  Weekends are amazing.
9.  NWC really is the best.
10.  Four and five-year-olds have an attention span of about ten minutes -- no more, even if you think the activity is great and exciting.
11.  I love to observe things.
12.  I really love my family.
13.  Elmwood isn't as perfect as I remember.
14. Summer isn't neccessarily hot.
15.  Some kids are really annoying.
16.  I really love to read.
17.  I spend too much time on facebook.
18.  Sitting on the grond isn't so bad.
19.  Bug spray doesn't work.
20.  Kids are unbelievably messy.
21.  You can make a lot of friendship bracelets in two hours.
22.  I must have music.
23.  Suburbs are interesting places.
24.  Storms are beautiful.
25.  Swimming pools should be deeper than three and a half feet.
26.  Heights are a bit scarier than I thought.
27.  I don't get mad about very many things.
28.  There is nothing wrong with silence.
29.  It's really easy to spend money.
30.  Target is more expensive.
31.  People change.
32.  Dutch Bingo is impossible to escape.
33.  Gibbsville Cheese is really yummy.
34.  Swimming when it's too cold is miserable.
35.  I like making lists.