Well, everything is all set for me to go back to school, thank God, so giant relief there!

In other news, camp is coming to a close.  Week 9 (of 10 weeks) is upon us, rez is over, and many summer staff members have left already.  I feel like much of the energy of the summer has left along with the rez campers and the staff that is gone.  It may be a long two weeks.
It's bittersweet, the end of this summer.  It was a good summer.  Stressful, challenging, and exhausting but also good.  But I am so excited for next year.  And so relieved to be going back.

In a week and a half, my brother will be coming to pick me up at camp, we'll head to Elmwood for a day, and then head down to Hugo.  I'll be in Hugo for just about a week (5-6 days) and then back up to school.  Not sure how I'm getting to school yet, but that'll get figured out...  So that's  my summer.  Unbelievable.  So it started with like 3 days home before going to WA and is ending with 6 days.  9 days in Hugo all summer.  Not too bad...