the last week of camp is quickly approaching.  week 10.  can't believe it's here.

today, about 16 other staff members and i headed out to the beach at indiana dunes state park to have "church" on the beach.

it was a great time of prayer, worship, sharing how God's been working in our lives, relaxation, and fun in the water.  and lots of sand.  good stuff.  it's things like this that i am going to miss when camp is over.

so, since it is the end of the summer, i've been doing a lot of thinking about the purpose of the summer at camp and what it meant to me and the rest of my life.  that's just what happens when the end of something like this comes.  so what i've come up with is this:
this summer, i came to camp because (a) i didn't want to go to oklahoma and didn't know what else to do with myself for three months and (b) i know that summer camps are a wonderful place to see God at work.  then, after the friend conflict thingy last semester at school, i was questioning everything about the person that i am/was and whether i was doing what i should be.  so when i came to camp i was feeling pretty insecure.  as a result of that insecurity and the fact that i didn't really want to put myself out there because i was afraid of being hurt again, i kept to myself at camp.  i have been way quieter than normal here.  if my friends at school and my friends here were to talk, i am not sure if they would believe that this is the same megan.  my normally talkative and people-person self spent a lot of time alone this summer.  i guess it's just another side of me.  but i have realized that by spending that time alone, i was able to learn a lot about myself.  remember how i used to be so afraid of being alone?  it was right up there with my fear of the dark...  by spending time alone this summer, and learning about myself, i came to understand myself better, and i don't mind alone so much anymore. 
i have also grown closer to God and seen him at work in my own and other people's lives.  i have seen that reading your bible (and not just reading it, but really digging into it) on a daily basis is so important and when i do that, i see an obvious change in my attitude and just how my day is, overall.  i have been reminded of the beauty of worship.  i have learned that i do not necessarily need to be surrounded by my super-close friends all the time.  And it's okay because God is with me.  no matter where i go, when i go, or who is with me, God is.  always and forever.  and nothing will change that.  and even if i don't have anything or anyone else i will always have God, and that is all that matters.

so, one more week...  i really hope that i am able to enjoy this week; to enjoy staff and the craziness that is camp, to enjoy the kids - each shoe i tie and every time i go down the water slide and each meal of camp food - and just to enjoy each and every moment of Camp Manitoqua that is left.  <3

peace and love.  <>-3