Wow, it's hard  to believe that the last time i wrote, there was still a whole week of camp left.  it's been a busy three weeks...

week 10 of camp was so bittersweet.  it was good; i really enjoyed it and everything.  The whole summer was fabulous, but i was ready to get back to school.  but more on my camp experiences later.

after camp, jonathan and i drove to elmwood and stayed there friday night, all day saturday, went to church sunday, and then drove down to hugo.  i was in hugo for 6 days.  they were pretty much spent unpacking, doing laundry, re-packing, cleaning, relaxing, sleeping, and spending some good time with my family.  it was a nice break from busy-ness.

then, to school.  mom drove me up here.  we left really early (3am) on saturday morning and got here before suppertime.  it was so good to see some of my friends again!  and then i unpacked - i forgot what a big job that is...  i participated in a few orientation activities and met some freshmen on my wing too.
being back at school has been busy to say the least.  it takes a lot more effort to see my friends now that we dont' live all together.  crazy last minute business things and that stuff had to happen.  bookstore purchases.  wlamart trips.  new people, new names.  wonderful old friends.  some people i wish i didn't have to see again.  new classes and syllabus overload...  homework.  trying to figure who to eat lunch with.  chapel.  homework.  yeah, it's crazy, but i love it.
this year is going to be different.  but so was last year.  it's okay.

now that camp is over and i've had a little bit more time to process things, i decided that this summer was a really great experience and i wouldn't change anything about it.  i learned a lot and got to do a ton of things that i never would have otherwise.  i met people.  most importantly, i saw what it is like to live every moment for God.  i read a quote today:  "God is foundational for living.  If we don't have a sense of the primacy of God, we will never get it right.  Not God at the margins; not God as an option; not God on the weekends. God at center and circumference; God first and last; God, God, God."  at camp, i think it was a lot easier to put God at the center, because a lot of the other distractions were not such a problem.  i'm not saying that is an excuse for not being so good at it outside of camp, but it gives me something to look at and say "i want my life to be like that all the time, even when i have homework to do."  so that is what i am trying to do this year.  also, i think i grew up a bit more this summer.  growing up is so strange.  you don't notice the gradual increase in your grown-up-ness, but then when you look back, it's obvious that you have.  anyways, it's good.

well, that's all i've got for now - homework time now...  :)