Yesterday, I heard about another engagement among my friends and classmates here at NWC.  It seems like another couple gets engaged every weekend...  Crazy!  it's hard to believe that we are actually reaching the age where that is normal.
But more than that, it makes me wonder - what about me??  Don't forget about me, God - I want that too!
It makes me wonder - it there something about me that just repels guys?
Is there something I should be doing?
Something I should change?
Am I not pretty enough?  Not cool enough?  Not funny enough?  Or not smart enough?
Or is that whole marriage thing just not for me?  Maybe I'm just destined to be one of those people who never get married.  But I sure hope not...

I know, I know - it's okay that I've never had a boyfriend, never been kissed, never even been on a real date.  Perfectly normal, right?  The right guy just hasn't come along yet, right?  He will, though, in God's time, right??  Besides, I'm still young... right?

But sometimes I just wonder, sometimes I'm not quite so sure.  Don't forget about me, God - I want that too!