Well, I don't really have anything in particular that I am planning on writing about. I just feel like it's been a while and i thought i should write something so i am hoping that something good will end up coming from my fingertips.
1. I got a new computer. It's a desktop and it's got a ton more hard drive space, a better processor, and it's just a lot better than my crappy old one. so it makes doing computer-things much less frustrating and more fun. :)
2. I've been making an average of three trips to the art building a day. Until a week ago, I had never been at the art building until midnight (which is when the come to lock it up), unlike many of my friends. However, I have now done this twice. Yeah, I'm taking three art classes this semester (ceramics, graphic design, and design: theory and practice), which equals a lot of time spent in the art building working on projects. It can be stressful at times, but at least it's things that I enjoy (most of the time...) and it's not so much studying for tests and writing papers and that boring academic stuff!
3. Tomorrow is the Scholarship Luncheon and I am way excited about it! (This is a fancy luncheon for private scholarship recipients and the donors, for the donors to get to meet the recipients and the students to thank the donors) However, the donors for my scholarship died, so I'm pretty sure that I'm just going to get to go and eat good food and watch all the other students... So I'm excited because (a) I get good (or at least better) food and (b) I get to miss part of class. :) T-R 's are crazy long for me, with two 3-hr art studio classes - both with the same professor... from 7:45 until 3:15... Let's just say that me and Carlson are gonna be pretty good buddies when this semester is over with.
4. I am enjoying my new workstudy in the alumni office. Even though I don't really do anything too thrilling. I mostly stuff envelopes for mailings to alumni, type stuff up on the computer, print nametags, and that kind of random stuff. But eventually I might get to do more graphi design-y things. Also, I am really weird and I have always enjoyed that office work stuff - I think it would be kind of fun to be a secretary... Plus, it's 5 hours a week that I have to be doing this stuff - I don't have to worry about school or other stuff that I have to get done - I can just relax and do this.
5. Also, I am now working three jobs. I know, it's a little crazy. I have that workstudy in the alumni office - 5 hrs a week. I also have phonathon (3-6 hrs a week) and I am now a student ambassador (a much or little as I want - ambassadors give campus tours, sit with prospective students at chapel, do overnight visits, etc) So they're all things that I enjoy and not too many hours, so it's not really overwhelming.
6. So, yeah - between classes, homework, projects in the art building, working, and friends, I am definitely not bored. But it's not too overwhelming. Not yet, anyways...
7. My friends are great. We're all so busy and don't get to spend too much time together, but when we do it's so good.

So that's pretty much what's going thru my head right now. But now I must get ready for bed - early morning tomorrow...