contentment - happiness with one's situation in life
I just a ordered a new devotional book about finding contentment in your life.  I am excited to start it.  It's so difficult to be content with everything that God has placed in your life, especially in this world that you live in, where the focus is so often on worldly things - to have the latest gadget, the biggest house, or the coolest car.  To be content, perfectly happy with exactly where you are, is something that I long for.  I think that there have been a few days in my life when I have felt that contentment, but I think that it would be so beautiful to feel this more often.
Also, I have been thinking lately about priorities.  What are my priorities and are they what I think they should be?  I think that most days, my priorities are: 1.  friends and family (relationships) 2.  schoolwork 3. God.  I want them to be God, relationships, and then school.
I feel like, this summer, at camp, it was much easier to live this way, with God first.  Maybe it was because school wasn't really there to be such a distraction.  Whatever it was, it was good.  And deep down, I want so badly to have that in my daily life.  But my sinful human nature gets in the way - I get lazy with my devotions and quiet time and just do what I have to to get by.  So, I want to get my priorities straight.