Oh man.

I am feeling so completely overwhelmed right now.

Classes are going well so far.  I'm taking mostly graphic design classes again this semester, so they're really enjoyable and interesting.  It's taking a lot longer to adjust to the new semester though.  i think it's mostly because things have changed more than usual - anne (one of my good friends, who was also an art major, so we had lots of classes together) transfered to a school in wisconsin for a bigger art department and sara (my roommate is doing the chicago semester, so she's not here either.  plus i know a lot of people who graduated in december and aren't here anymore.  so things are just different and it's kind of hard to adjust.

but the biggest, most overwhelming thing for me right now is trying to figure out what i'm going to do with my summer.  
summer is such a great opportunity to do so many different things.  that's the problem - there are just so many options.
nwc is taking a summer study abroad trip to ethiopia that i really want to go on.  one of my art professors is leading the trip; it will be focused on visual culture.  anyways, it's for the first three weeks of the summer, so you can still get a job or whatever.  the problem is the money.  it's actually a really good deal - 4 credits that count for your multicultural, which i still need, for $4,000.  plus, if i get those multicultural credits out of the way this summer instead of next year, it means i can take photography, which i really want to take.  so, you see, it's an awesome experience, great credit, and not that expensive, considering what you're getting.  BUT it's still four thousand dollars.  and i don't have that money, so that means more student loans and i already have so many of those that i really don't know if i should take out more.  so you see my dilemma?
also, what do i do after that?  
i would like to get a graphic design internship.  but with the economy, figuring out housing, and not having a car (although i'm hoping to get one soon), i really don't know if that's going to be possible.
another possibility in nannying.  my mom did that for two summers while she was in college.  i think it sounds like a really cool opportunity.  but i just don't know.

arg.  so many choices.

also, i'm realizing that i will be graduating and entering the real world very soon.  a year and a half.  and i'm starting to think about things like resumes and portfolios.  oh, and my senior art show too.  just add those to this ever-growing list of stuff to stress about.

i know that God has it all under control, but sometimes - like right now - it's just so hard not to worry.

overwhelmed, yes.