I don't know what to do.
Applications for the Ethiopia Summer Study abroad program that I am interested in were due today; I turned mine in last week.  
I don't know whether or not I should go.
It's an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
I have never been out of this country.  I want to - I think it's really important experience other cultures and places because there's a whole world out there and America is just one little part of it.  I think that this trip would take me out (way out) of my comfort zone and stretch me to do/try things that I just wouldn't otherwise.  I truly believe that I would grow so much through these three weeks.  
The professor leading the trip is a professor I've had quite a few classes with.  He's a really interesting man; has lots of really interesting opinions, about art, faith, and just life in general; some of them I agree with and some I don't.  Anyways, he grew up in Ethiopia - his parents were missionaries there - so he has firsthand knowledge and experience about the culture and the place.  I think that that is a really difference factor - we wouldn't be just tourists.  Plus, besides being an opportunity to travel to a foreign country, we would be doing it, not just as tourists, but in an academic viewpoint, with the whole goal being to learn about the culture.
I would also get 4 multicultural credits from the trip.  Those credits would mean that I wouldn't have to take a class next year, which would open up a spot in my schedule to take photography, a class that I really want to take, it's just that my schedule is currently too full.
But, on the other hand, the trip costs $4,000.  And, since I don't have the cash, I'd have to take out loans.
Is all of that worth MORE student loans?  I already have quite a few student loans taken out to cover my frou years of school - is it worth it to take out even more?
What I can't figure out is how in the world you are supposed to make a decision like this.
It's a really amazing opportunity.  BUT, it's also a lot of money.  How do you know if it's worth it?  It's not like just the fact that it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity means I should automatically go.  You can't take every good opportunity that comes your way.

So how do I know?