Overwhelmed is becoming one of my most-used words.
It just describes the way I feel so often perfectly.

Today is one of those times.

I have so much to do this week. I know that it will all get done and all I can do is take one day and one thing at a time, but when I look at it all, it's overwhelming.

It'll happen. I just keep telling myself that. And hearing it from other people. The only thing that I can do is trust that God will help when I need it and do what I need to right now.

Often, it helps me to deal with my thoughts and emotions by talking to someone or by writing things down.
here's a little venting...

scholarships apps are due. so much pressure; i need the money, so i have to write the best possible essays to get the scholarships...
school projects. i seriously want to do so many things; i have all these ideas and things that i want to try, but so often i just don't have the time or energy, so i do something that works, but maybe isn't as good as it could be.
ssp. i need the moneys... i've sent letters to everyone i can think of, but i still need more money. i know that God will provide, but waiting is frustrating.
ethiopia. i got accepted; now it's just filling out forms and finding loans and getting a passport and trying to build community with the other people going on the trip. it's stressful now but i'm hopeful that it will be worth it in a few months when i am growing and learning so much.
living. the time has come to figure out where i'm living next year. trying to juggle what everyone wants and what has to happen and fit it all together is hard sometimes.

oh the stresses of college life.

thanks for listening to my venting.