Well, 8 days ago I was in New York.

Honestly, I am still trying to process everything that I experienced and figure out what exactly I need to take from this experience.
Also, I am realizing that no matter what words I use or how much I say, I CANNOT express how good this trip was.  I can try, but I really can't do it justice.
But I think that it is important for me to try and process thru everything and to make you, my friends aware of what I spent my spring break doing and the ways that it has changed me.

If you don’t know, I spent my Spring Break in New York (the Bronx, actually), on a Spring Service Project through Northwestern.  Last year I went to Los Angeles thru the same program.
There was a group of 14 NWC students that went along with a group from First Reformed Church here in Orange City.  There was around 30 of us, ranging in ages from 13-70.  FRC has been going to the Bronx for something like 15 years.  There is a group of three churches that are connected that they’ve been working with.  It started with Highbridge, a small church with a vision for revival for the Reformed Church in the Bronx, which was dying.  They went and helped Highbridge, and then the people of Highbridge went to Fordham Manor to help, and finally has moved to Williamsbridge.  FRC has moved to each church, helping out however is needed.  This is the second year that they’ve been working at Williamsbridge. This year, we repainted the sanctuary, entrance, and the basement of the parsonage, we extended/re-built they’re stage/alter, re-did the bathroom, tiled the parsonage basement, put in new windows in the parsonage, and I’m not really sure what all else…
I think the coolest part for me was seeing the relationships that the people of FRC who have gone back year after year have built there in NY.  The New Yorkers were SO excited to see us and they were so welcoming – they told us over and over how they are our family in NY.  They were encouraging, reminding us repeatedly that although what we are doing may feel small, it is huge in the Kingdom of God.  And even though this was a “mission project” I didn’t feel at all like this was what I would typically think of – I felt like we were just there, helping a church out.  A lot of members of the church there took of work for the week and were there working right along with us – we were one team.
Anyways, this is getting long, so I’m going to tell you what it is that I learned (or was reminded of)
1. The importance of teamwork.
2.  The power of prayer.  We serve an awesome God who answers prayer.
3. I just need to keep waiting.  God will provide what I need and it won’t do me any good to worry – just give it to him and let him take care of it because he will.
4. New friends are cool.
5. I like the Subway. a lot.
6. New York is an awesome place to visit, but I don’t think I want to live there – it’s just too big!
7. God will provide what you need.
8.  There are a lot of different ways to do things and sometimes there isn’t a “right way”
9.  Sometimes there are no words.