I sit here, in my half-packed room. alone.  with nothing to do.

most of my wing is gone.  it's strange walking down the hallway and seeing empty doors and rooms - i don't even recognize it.

i have a few little errands to run tomorrow, but for the most part, i really don't have anything to do until we leave for ethiopia on monday.  it's so strange how i can go from having so many things to get done just a few days ago, to having nothing to do...

so, my junior year is basically over.  so wierd.  it's doesn't seem right, that i would only have one year left.  it makes me sad - i want this to last longer.  i mean, i know that there's a time for everything and the time for college has to be over - i've gotta grow up sometime...  it's just scary.

and, i will be in ethiopia so very soon.  we leave early monday morning to head to the omaha airport and from there we'll fly to minneapolis, amsterdam, and then addis ababa.  i'm super excited, but a little scared too because it's all so unknown.  i'm positive that i'm going to come back from this trip looking at the world and the people around me a little bit differently.  we get back on june 2 and i'll be flying straight to denver, to live with aunt amy's family for the summer.  i don't have a job lined up yet - sent my applications out but never heard back - but the thinking is that there are plenty of opportunities in a place like that and none in hugo, so i'm doing it. :)

it's just so hard to believe that another school year has past.