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I love it when families invite me into their homes. I love it because everything becomes more personal and meaningful. You're not just sitting in a pretty field of grass - it's your front yard, or your living room. In 30 years, you'll look back and cherish those memories. They seem so familiar to you right now, but time goes so fast and those memories fade no matter how much you think they won't. Not to mention that it relieves a lot of stress for the little ones - and the grownups too! In home sessions are so laid back and fun because you're just living your life and having a fun family time and I just happen to be there with my camera. 

The Webbs let me into their beautiful home one evening last week. It’s their first home as a family and they’ve worked hard to make it their home. We got to do all of sweet Brynlee’s favorite activites – we baked, finger painted, had a pillow fight, played ring-around-the-rosie outside (even though it started raining!) and had a grand time with all of it! I hope you’ll enjoy these photos and the video slideshow at the end as much as I enjoyed capturing them!

Peoria IL Family Photographer
Peoria Illinois Family Photographer
Peoria IL photographer
Peoria IL Family Photographer
Peoria IL Family Photographer
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