10 on 10 | August 2013

Whew!  It's been a crazy month, so picking just 10 photos was realllllly hard this time around.  But I decided to mainly focus on our trip to Washington state (Whidbey Island and Lynden) to visit my extended family.  It was gorgeous, as always.  One of my very favorite places and this trip sure didn't disappoint!
The beautiful summer flowers have been in bloom, so I've gotten some fun floral macro shots too lately that I just couldn't resist sharing. :)
By this time next month I'll be in Chicago, starting my big Chicago adventure, so that will certainly be a big change around here!
This post is a part of the Light Inspired 10 on 10 blog circle, so please follow the circle around to my friend Jessica's post to see what she has for us this month!