Introducing... Greeting Cards

When I started hand-lettering, I first did it for myself, with important reminders that I needed to see often.  Soon, I started doing it for friends who needed a little encouragement.  When I started selling my designs on Etsy, my mission stayed the same - to encourage people and remind them of God's promises. It has always been at the top of my list, but the logistics were a little complicated, so this has been a long time in the making but I am SO excited to finally be able to offer you GREETING CARDS!  Something special for that friend who is going through a tough time and just needs a little reminder of God's promises - and the best part is that they are 5x7 so after they get it, they can frame it for that constant reminder of God's love - and of your's!  Or just frame them for yourself, that works too. ;)

Since I can't offer all of my designs as cards, I carefully selected these 5 verses and designed them just for these greeting cards.  I hope that you'll be able to find one for every circumstance.

encouraging greeting cards

Click here to PREORDER Greeting Cards!

I'm also offering a set of Thank You notes, because God is teaching me the importance of expressing gratitude on a regular basis.  Click here to PREORDER Thank You notes.

hand lettered thank you cards

*** Note that this is a PREORDER - these will not begin the printing/shipment process until March 7.

Hugo Oklahoma Senior Photographer | Connor

I had such a fun time getting to know Connor last Fall during his Senior Pictures!  We got such a variety of urban, outdoors-y, and even got some pictures with his guitar! "Your education is a dress rehearsal for a life that is yours to lead." - Nora Ephron

Connor, best of luck in the rest of your Senior Year! Enjoy every moment!

Hugo Oklahoma Senior Photographer

Hugo Oklahoma Senior Photographer

Megan Schreurs is a Hugo Oklahoma Senior Photographer who specializes in portraits that focus on what makes you unique.  Besides Seniors, Megan also loves photographing families and events!  Contact her to talk about your photography needs today!

2015 Journal of my Life

Last year, I participated in a monthly project called "Journal of my Life" with some friends over at Light Inspired.  Our goal was simply to put together a collage of photos each month to show what our month looked like.  I did miss quite a few months, but loved participating when I was able! While each month was shared over on the Light Inspired blog, I thought it would be fun to put all the months together here on my blog.














Holiday Pictures at HES

Holiday Pictures I'm so excited to be partnering with Hugo Elementary School this year for Holiday Pictures.

HES students will be having their photos taken during the school day on Wednesday and Thursday, December 2 + 3.  Paperwork will be coming home from school with your kiddos on Monday for you to fill out and send back with money.  $12 per background, with two backgrounds available.  The $12 includes a 5x7 print, a digital file download, and a print release.  Additional prints can be purchased separately if you would like.

BUT, if your kids aren't students at HES, or you want to come take pictures WITH your children, etc - your opportunity will be Thursday, December 3 from 4-7pm at Hugo Elementary School when we will be open to the public.

Contact Megan at with questions.

Paris TX Family Photographer | The Thurman Family

"Being a family means you are a part of something wonderful; it means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life, no matter what." - Lisa Weedn

Paris TX Family Photographer

Paris TX Family Photographer

"The best thing to hold onto in life is each other." - Audrey Hepburn

Paris TX Photographer

Paris TX Photographer

I had the privilege of photographing the Thurman Family a few weeks back.  It was a beautiful October day and we laughed and smiled and chased their dogs and soaked up the sunlight.

I know I talk a lot about how important photography is, but it is absolutely true.  Things change so quickly.  Kids grow up in the blink of an eye.  Seasons change and before you know it you can hardly remember how they once were - but photographs are these magical things that capture just the way things are right now and make them stay the same forever!

I pray that the Thurmans will treasure these photos, so that one day when everything is different, they'll come across them and remember the way they were - and that these photos might bring a smile to their faces.

Northeast TX Photographer

Northeast TX Photographer

We took their pictures at Hugo Lake State Park, which happens to be where Jerry and Rebecca got married!  We even took some in the very spot where they said their vows.

Hugo OK Photographer

Hugo OK Photographer

Megan Schreurs is a Paris TX Family Photographer.  She specializes in capturing real moments and believes that photography is magical. She also serves the Hugo, OK area, and is willing to travel just about anywhere to capture your beautiful life.  Click here to book your photo session or Contact her here to ask questions.

Southeastern Oklahoma Senior Photographer | Cory

With school starting everywhere, I figured it's time to share some photos from one of my favorite High School Senior Photo Sessions with Cory.

Hugo OK Senior Photography

Hugo OK Senior Photography

I love a good challenge, which is what Cory gave me when he told me that he didn't want any grass in his pictures - at all!  I've become accustomed to photographing in the open fields as a Southeastern Oklahoma Senior Photographer, with fences and hay bales, but Cory isn't into that - he's more about urban life!  And since my goal with Senior Pictures is to capture a piece of each teenager's personality, it was important to include that in the backgrounds of his photos!  I had a blast finding little corners and spots to make photos that would capture this urban sense that Cory was looking for.

Southeast Oklahoma Senior Photographer

Southeast Oklahoma Senior Photographer

Central IL Senior Photographer

Central IL Senior Photographer

Here's what Cory's mom said about his pictures - I love making clients happy!

"Being able to produce photos that pleases both mother and son is a difficult task. Especially when the son is my boy! Great Job Megan Schreurs, we couldn't love them anymore than we do!"   - Cory's mom

Elmwood IL Senior Photography

Elmwood IL Senior Photography

Hugo Oklahoma Senior Photography

Hugo Oklahoma Senior Photography

Megan Schreurs is aSoutheastern Oklahoma Senior Photographer (but also available to travel!) specializing in authentic  family, senior, and couple photography.  Contact herto book your own Photo Session today!  

Central Illinois Families & Seniors!  I am working on planning a trip up to Central IL for this Fall, so don't hesitate to contact me to talk about your photo session!

Hidden Treasures

A while back, my mom and I were going through some boxes in the closet and we came across the best hidden treasure ever. We found a photo book from my mom's fifth birthday.  For all my life, I've heard stories about my mom's favorite place as a kid, my great-grandparent's cabin in Minnesota, but I had never seen a single photo of it until now.  This book contains photos of (much younger versions of) my grandma, who passed away a few years ago, and many family members who I love so very much.  It's a glimpse into a past that I've only heard about.

And because of that, this is nothing short of a treasure.


IMG_0286 IMG_0287 IMG_0288 IMG_0289 IMG_0291


And this is such a great example of why I believe in the power of photography.  It's magic.  And that's why I love ordering beautiful, high quality Photo Books for my clients.  Printed photos are sadly not very common any more, but I hope that 50 years from now, their grandchildren will find those books, and get a little glimpse into this part of life.

IMG_1364 IMG_1368 IMG_1373

The Story Behind the Design: Be Strong and Courageous

I've wanted to start a blog series for a while about the stories behind some of my favorite prints from my shop, and life has finally settled down enough to get around to it! I figured I'd start with the design that started this whole adventure of sharing these designs,

be strong and courageous

For as long as I can remember, I've struggled with trusting God with the future and not worrying.  It's easy for me to worry until I make myself sick, even though I know that it's a waste of my time.  And my life has been so very unsettled for years now, it's something that I have to remember every single day.  God's got this, Megan.

In the Bible, the phrase "Be strong and courageous" is repeated over and over so many time.  (I tried to look up how many times, but I couldn't find a clear answer - if anyone knows, let me know!) and God's promise to be with us no matter what is one that calms me right down when I get all tangled up in my worry.

I've always been a doodler, my whole life.  Somewhere over the last few years, I learned that what I was doing was "hand-lettering" - it's not calligraphy, although sometimes it does look a little like it.  Instead, each letter is drawn, so they are all unique and specially made to fit with that specific design.

So one day during my year in Chicago as I was sitting around worrying, I decided to create this piece with this verse from Joshua 1:9.  I'm really horrible at memorizing scripture, but I want to keep it in my head, so I started posting Bible Verses around my dorm room when I was in college; somewhere I would see them often and be constantly reminded of these important truths.  So anyways, I created this piece for myself, I hung it on my wall where I would see it often and it was a constant source of comfort for me.  Then one day, I shared a picture of it on my Instagram, and suddenly I started getting comments and messages - "You should sell those!" and "Can I pay you to make me a copy" and "Would you be able to make me one with this verse or quote?"  So I started making them for friends, and I opened up my Etsy shop.  Pretty soon my waiting list was over 30 people waiting for their quotes, and so they say, the rest is history!

It's been amazing to see how God is using these simple Hand-lettered Prints.  I've had people tell me about how God has used one specific verse to comfort them in their darkest hour.  People have told me how they've given one as a gift and the receiver bursts into tears because it's a verse that means so much to them.  It brightens my heart to know that something so small as a pretty picture has so much power when it's placed in God's hands and He uses them to encourage us, comfort us, and give us whatever we need.

And I can't wait to see where they go!

Summer Session Ideas

I keep hearing from people who say they want to schedule a Photo Session, but they don't want to do it now because it's so hot. I get it.  I do.  It is HOT in Southeastern Oklahoma in the summertime.  It absolutely is.

But that shouldn't stop you from having your memories captured in a Photo Session.  I have so many great summertime memories from when I was a kid - Summer is filled with so many fun activities.  Summer deserves to be documented and photographed.

And there are so many ways to beat that heat!

Summer is a great chance for a more documentary-style, real moments, laid back Photo Session - which is my favorite anyways.  Here are some ideas that I think would make a fabulous Photo Session in the Summertime and you would have so much fun that they heat wouldn't bother you one bit!  I also made a Pinterest board for some more inspiration - so go check that out!

Summer Photo Session ideas

At home ideas:

indoor examples

There's no reason why your Photo Session has to take place outside.  Why not spend at least some of it inside?  And what better place than your own home?  When I suggest using your own home for your session, I often hear people saying that there home is too small, too dirty, or just "not cool enough" but I promise that is not the case!  Your home is the single most important location in your life and you will want to remember it just the way it is!

  • Baking cookies is always one of my favorite ideas for a documentary Photo Session filled with real memories, no matter the time of year.  I think that's probably because I have so many great memories of baking with my mom as a kid.
  • Grilling, eating out on the deck, a standard summertime activity!
  • Gardening. Watering, weeding, harvesting, cooking with the produce, canning/preserving the produce - all wonderful family moments!
  • Playing on the bed.  Tickle fights, cuddling, reading together.

Indoor Public Spaces:

We'd have to get permission before we head over to any of these public spaces, but most of the time they're okay with it!  Take advantage or that air conditioning!

  • Your favorite ice cream shop or restaurant.
  • Arcade.  Video games, laughing, and
  • Bowling Alley.  Pizza, strikes, cheering people on.

Fun Outdoor Activities:

outdoor examples

Okay, so it might still be hot, but the truth is that if you can get out and do these things without a camera in front of you, there's no reason not to!

  • Running through the sprinkler or playing in the pool
  • Water balloons and water gun fights.
  • Fun at the lake: a picnic dinner, fishing, and boating.


There's no need to postpone your photo session because of the heat.

But, if you want to wait until it cools down a bit more, that's okay too.  But beware that my Fall schedule tends to fill up quickly as people think about Christmas cards, so you'll want to get on my schedule early.  You can book your Fall Session now if you'd like!

Want to book your session now?  Send me an email if you have any questions at all - to or click here to book now.


Megan Schreurs is a Southeastern Oklahoma Photographer specializing in authentic documentary and lifestyle family, senior, and couple photography.  Contact her to book your own Photo Session today!

Burton Family | Northeast Texas Photographer

Now that my big trip is over and life has slowed down a little bit I'm finally getting around to blogging some sessions from this Spring and Summer! This Session was a favorite for sure!  The Burton family's Session was full of laughter and fun and the girls are so full of personality! I loved capturing these moments in their beautiful life.

Northeast Texas Photographer

Northeast Texas Photographer

Megan Schreurs is a Northeast Texas Photographer specializing in authentic documentary and lifestyle family, senior, and couple photography.  Contact her to book your own Photo Session today!

2015 Summer Road Trip!

Summer always feels incomplete to me without a good road trip - so I decided this Summer would be the perfect time to embark on a huge road trip to head to several Craft Fairs with my artwork and products that I sell in my Etsy shop, as well as the chance for some travel Photo Sessions.  This trip was the culmination of several months of planning and preparing, so it was super fun for me to finally see the fruit of my labor! First I headed to Elmwood, Illinois.  This is where I went to High School and is the place that feels most like home to me, so it was very fun to be back there for a little while.  While there, I had my booth at the annual Strawberry Festival, as well as several photo sessions.  It was a joy to get to see so many friends there too!


I also got to spend a day in my old stomping grounds on the West Side of Chicago.  It does my heart so much good to be back in familiar territory!


Next up I headed to Wisconsin with a few days to kill, so I got to see friends all across the State!  I saw friends from college, friends from when I worked at Camp Manitoqua, and even an online photographer friend who I had never met in person!



And finally I reached my next destination - Winona, Minnesota - for two more photo sessions and another craft fair at the Steamboat Days Festival!

My wonderful friend, Holly, and her husband live in Winona - and since they are expecting their first baby in September it was the perfect chance to spend some time with them before the baby arrives and they don't have time for things like that any more!  Some of our other friends even joined us and we surprised Holly with a baby shower!


Some photos of my booth at the craft fairs.


People were always surprised when I told them that I was traveling for almost the whole month of June for photo session and craft fairs but the truth is that this trip was a really good excuse to take a big road trip and see a lot of wonderful friends, all the while working.  I am super happy to have the freedom in my schedule to be able to do things like this.  There are a lot of days when I'm not a fan of how being my own boss complicates things, but things like this make it all worth it!

I've gotten several messages from photographers who want to know how I got travel sessions lined up; the truth is that I just know a lot of people in a lot of places as a result of living all over this country.  I just put the word out (on facebook and a few emails/phone calls) and the sessions came in.  Unfortunately, I don't have a special trick to share with you! ;)


It was definitely a work trip, and I spent plenty of time editing in coffee shops, setting up my big computer on friend's kitchen tables, and doing odd jobs to get ready for craft fairs, but there was plenty of fun mixed in too!





Documentary Vacation Photographer | Camping with the Dutts

For their parents' 45th Anniversary, sisters Krista and Betsy wanted to have some family pictures taken.  They were planning on getting together for a camping trip with the whole family, which proved to be the perfect opportunity!  I flew to Pennsylvania to spend the weekend camping with them and documenting their little vacation. It was such a joy and privilege to get to photograph this beautiful family's weekend camping!  It was a relaxed and low-key couple of days spent eating good food, having good conversation, and playing with their little guy, Ben.  We got such a variety of documentary photographs that will help them remember these beautiful moments.  Splashing in the water, cooking on the camp stove, enjoying the beautiful views, and chasing your nephew up the hill - these may seem like small moments, but they are not too small to remember.  In addition to these beautiful moments we captured, we also got to take a little while to capture some more traditional portraits as well, in between the cooking yummy food and playing on the playground.

"Enjoy the little things in life for one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things"



















Want me photograph your vacation or family reunion?  I would love to chat with you about how we could work that out - so send me an email at!  It's not as complicated or expensive as you might think!

Megan Schreurs is a Lifestyle Family and Documentary Vacation Photographer specializing in capturing the authentic moments and real emotions of your family!  Contact her to talk about your session today!

Hugo OK Wedding Photographer :: Kathryn & Jason

What a joy and privilege it was to get to photograph Kathryn & Jason's Wedding Day!  I got to travel to Wisconsin to document this day for them, and Wisconsin in March is always a bit risky, but they totally had the most gorgeous day they could have asked for! The day started with a note from Kathryn's groom and the instructions for her to read it before she got out of bed; it was a perfect way to start the perfect day, filled with so many special moments and memories!

Paris TX Photographer

Paris TX Photographer

Next was a trip to the salon for hair & make-up for the Bride & bridesmaids.



Oklahoma Wedding Photographer

Oklahoma Wedding Photographer

Finally, the moment the were waiting for - Kathryn & Jason's First Look!

Hugo Wedding Photographer

Hugo Wedding Photographer

Paris Texas Wedding Photographer

Paris Texas Wedding Photographer

Northeast Texas Wedding Photographer

Northeast Texas Wedding Photographer

Spending Kathryn's last minutes as a Single Woman in Prayer.

Oklahoma Wedding Photographer

Oklahoma Wedding Photographer

Ceremony time!

Southeast Oklahoma Wedding Photographer

Southeast Oklahoma Wedding Photographer

Hugo OK Wedding Photographer

Hugo OK Wedding Photographer

Reception!  So much happiness and celebration!

Hugo OK Wedding Photographer

Hugo OK Wedding Photographer

Megan Schreurs is a Hugo OK Wedding Photographer (but I love to travel too!) who specializes in capturing emotions and real memories.  Looking for a wedding photographer for your big day?  Contact me to chat about it today!

Southeast Oklahoma Photographer| Christa & Sumish

Meet Christa and Sumish.  They met and the gym and love spending their time outside together, being active and enjoying the weather - so it was perfect when their Engagement Session happened to fall on a gorgeous day! for-blog

Funny story: In 1998, when we were little girls, Christa and I used to play together! (see photographic proof above)  We both lived in Pennsylvania at the time; 17 years later our paths happened to cross again as we both live in Oklahoma now and I drove up to Oklahoma City for the day and we spent a few hours catching up and taking Engagement Photos!

Hugo OK Photographer

Hugo OK Engagement Photographer

Oklahoma Engagement Photographer

Oklahoma City Engagement Photographer

Southeast Oklahoma Photographer

SE Oklahoma Photographer

Paris TX Photographer



Reminder:  Megan Schreurs Photography is now booking Spring Sessions!  Contact Me for more information or to book your session today!  April and May dates, especially weekends are filling up, so get your spot reserved before they are gone!



Megan Schreurs is a Southeast Oklahoma Photographer specializing in authentic documentary and lifestyle family, senior, and couple photography. Serving Hugo, Antlers, Soper, Fort Towson, Sawyer, and Paris, TX.  Contact her to book your own Photo Session today!

Hugo OK Photo Session | Cody, Katelyn & Russell

"Family is the most important thing in the world." - Princess Diana

I love that Katelyn called me last fall to book a photo session of her & her husband and her brother to give as gifts to her family, and from what I hear her family loved their gifts!  It was a beautiful November day and we took the opportunity to capture some couple shots, some sibling shots, and some of all three together.

hugo ok photo session hugo ok photo session

And since they love to hunt together, we also did some photos in their camo get-up with bows!  I love capturing photos of my clients doing the things they love!

hugo ok photo session


Megan Schreurs is a Southeast Oklahoma Photographer specializing in authentic documentary and lifestyle family, senior, and couple photography. Serving Hugo, Antlers, Soper, Fort Towson, Sawyer, and Paris, TX.  Contact her to book your own Hugo OK Photo Session today!


Southeast Oklahoma Family Photographer | Allie turned two!

When Allie's mom asked my to come and photograph her birthday party, I was so excited about the opportunity to capture some beautiful moments with her friends and family and I wasn't disappointed.  She even got her very own horse! Web-BW-10




My favorite thing about these is that even though Allie probably won't remember her 2nd birthday, she'l be able to look at these photos someday and see how loved she was.

Watch this video to see more of the story of her special day:

Allie's 2nd Birthday from Megan Schreurs on Vimeo.



Want me to come photograph your child's birthday party or another family event?  Click here for more information and contact me to see if my calendar is open!


Megan Schreurs is a Southeast Oklahoma Family Photographer specializing in authentic documentary and lifestyle family, senior, and couple photography. Serving Hugo, Antlers, Soper, Fort Towson, Sawyer, and Paris, TX.  Contact her to book your session today!

Paris TX Photography | The Montgomerys

When the Montgomerys contacted me about having their photos taken to give their children and grandchildren for Christmas gifts, I couldn't have been happier. When they didn't want the super traditional stiff, "stare at the camera" images - and instead wanted real emotions and to include their own home, I was even more excited.

When I capture photos of my clients, my goal is to capture a piece of who they are.  Not just what they look like, but what makes them tick, what's it like to be them.  Maybe even tell a bit of their story.

Roy & Jan have been married 55 years this year, have 7 great-grandchildren, and built this house 35 years ago.  I love that they had me take these photos, and I love even more that they gave them as Christmas gifts for their children and grandchildren.

Paris TX Photography

Paris TX Photography

Our Photo Session was short & sweet - just about 25 minutes long, but in that time we got plenty of great images for them to choose from for Christmas gifts!  Sometimes all you need is a shorter session, which is why I offer Mini Sessions any time, not just on special days.  If you only need a few updated photos, it's the perfect option!

Paris TX Photography

Megan Schreurs is a Paris TX Photographer based in Hugo, OK. She does both fine art and portrait photography in Paris and the surrounding area specializing in authentic documentary and lifestyle family, senior, and couple photography.  Contact her to book your session today!

2014 in Review

It's hard to believe yet another year is ending.  As I took my annual trip back through photos from the last year via my Lightroom Catalog, I was once again amazed at everything this year brought.  God has certainly given me a few years filled with adventures and lessons about what is important in life. Speaking of what's important, one of those important parts of life is the people you love and remembering the way things are.  Which is why this year I decided to launch my Photography Business and start capturing people's memories for them.  And right now, I'd like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU!!  In 2014, I had over 20 photo sessions and I truly feel incredibly blessed that each and every one of these people allowed me to capture a part of their beautiful life.  Each photo session leaves me feeling incredibly lucky to be let into someone else's life and to have observed the love and joy of another family.

Southeastern Oklahoma Photographer

Whew!  That's a lot of beautiful people, right?!

So that's what Megan Schreurs Photography has been up to this year.


Personally, it's been quite a year.  Here's some of what I've been up to in 2014:

I started the year in a very cold Chicago.  I survived the "Polar Vortex" and what was literally the coldest winter ever on record in Chicago.  If you don't remember, I spent Sept 2013 - Aug 2014 in Chicago as a Young Adult Volunteer program through the Presbyterian Church (USA).  While there, I lived in community with Billy & Clarissa, other YAVs for the year, volunteered full-time at Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly - where I provided friendship to lonely & isolated Seniors in Chicago, rode lots of buses and trains, learned so much the West Side of Chicago, and learned to trust God in so many new ways.  You can read about my many Chicago adventures here.

Chicago YAV


As Spring came, it was SO GOOD after such a long and bitter winter.  The warmer weather led to a flurry of activity as anxious Elderly Friends could finally get out again and my housemates and I got serious about crossing things off our Chicago Bucket List.

Little Brothers Chicago

As the weather continued to warm up, we were unfortunately realized that meant that the number of shootings in our neighborhood skyrocketed.  We participated in a Peace Walk through our neighborhood, encouraging peace and nonviolent ways of resolving conflict. My long commute to work each day became a wonderful time of enjoying the warmer fresh air.  And during my time in Chicago, I continued my practices of fine art photography, enjoying the many photographic subjects the city had to offer.

Megan Schreurs Photography

I took wonderful little road trip to Des Moines where I spend a much needed weekend with my bestest college friends.

Hugo OK Photographer

My mom came to visit me in Chicago.  I took some time off work and we got to experience some of the tourist-y parts of Chicago before I left.  We took a boat tour, ate Chicago style pizza, walked the Magnificent Mile, rode the ferris wheel on Navy Pier, took pictures in "The Bean" at Millennium Park, and watched the 4th of July fireworks from downtown.



My little sister got married in May and I was so thankful to be able to help her with many preparations as well as taking on the big job of being Wedding Photographer and bridesmaid at the same time.  Parties and outings with my Old Friends continued at Little Brothers.  I took a trip to Central Illinois to where I grew up to share about my experiences in Chicago and got to see my old house, as well as many family friends.  Clarissa and I embarked on a journey to experience all of the best ice cream in Chicago.  I spent a week on "vacation" with Little Brothers, which turned out to be one of the most exhausting but rewarding experiences of my entire time in Chicago.  And my YAV community and I ended our year with a closing retreat of reflections and roller coasters.

YAV program

And then my year in Chicago was over.  I came back to Southeastern Oklahoma, moved in with my parents, and soon opened my Photography Business.  Oklahoma is entirely the opposite of Chicago.  Just totally different.  The hustle and bustle and noise were suddenly replaced with peace and quiet and wide open spaces.  But I am enormously thankful to be able to spend time with my family.  I don't know how long I'll be here, but I know it's right for me right now.

Megan Schreurs Photography

I got to fly back to Chicago for a few days to document Lawndale Christian Health Center's big 30th Anniversary.  LCHC is doing big things on the West Side and I was so grateful for the chance to help them celebrate such a milestone.

Lawndale Christian Health Center

I spent a perfect weekend at gorgeous Ghost Ranch in New Mexico reuniting with YAVs who had just finished a year all over the world to reflect, share, and learn.

Ghost Ranch

Christmas came and with it lots of time with family.  My brother came from Seattle for a week and my cousin Phil and his wife were here for Christmas.  Of course we spent time playing games, eating Pizza, and celebrating our Savior's birth.

Southeast Oklahoma Photographer


2014 was a year of adventures, changes, growth, and trusting God.  I have no idea what 2015 will bring, but I know it will be good because He is in control.  Here's to another year and whatever it brings.


Megan Schreurs is a Southeast Oklahoma Photographer specializing in authentic documentary and lifestyle family, senior, and couple photography. Serving Hugo, Antlers, Soper, Fort Towson, Sawyer, and Paris, TX.  Contact her to book your session today!