The Webb Family | Peoria IL Family Photographer

I love it when families invite me into their homes. I love it because everything becomes more personal and meaningful. You're not just sitting in a pretty field of grass - it's your front yard, or your living room. In 30 years, you'll look back and cherish those memories. They seem so familiar to you right now, but time goes so fast and those memories fade no matter how much you think they won't. Not to mention that it relieves a lot of stress for the little ones - and the grownups too! In home sessions are so laid back and fun because you're just living your life and having a fun family time and I just happen to be there with my camera. 

The Webbs let me into their beautiful home one evening last week. It’s their first home as a family and they’ve worked hard to make it their home. We got to do all of sweet Brynlee’s favorite activites – we baked, finger painted, had a pillow fight, played ring-around-the-rosie outside (even though it started raining!) and had a grand time with all of it! I hope you’ll enjoy these photos and the video slideshow at the end as much as I enjoyed capturing them!

Peoria IL Family Photographer
Peoria Illinois Family Photographer
Peoria IL photographer
Peoria IL Family Photographer
Peoria IL Family Photographer
peoria il lifestyle family photographer

Megan Schreurs is an Peoria IL Family Photographer, specializing in capturing authentic memories. She also photographs seniors, weddings, and everything else in the Central Illinois area. For more information and prices, click here or get in touch at

Elmwood IL Senior Photos | Andrew : Class of 2018

I photographed my first senior of the Class of 2018 tonight! We had a great time and perfect weather! If you're looking for a Senior Photographer in Central Illinois, don't hesitate to get in touch with me - I'd love to work with you!



Megan Schreurs is an Elmwood IL Senior Photographer, specializing in capturing authentic memories. She also photographs families, weddings, and everything else in the Central Illinois area. For more information and prices, click here or get in touch at

Not just what they look like

A throwback to one of my all time favorite photo sessions... With two toddlers, this family session could have been oh so stressful for everyone involved - but instead of forcing the boys to just sit and smile for the camera, we let them play and interact and we got some amazing photos hat capture who they are and not just what they look like! #meganschreursphotography


A look back at 2016

2016. What a year. This year was full of unexpected surprises and fun adventures, for sure. It's hard to believe that today I got out my 2017 planner; I swear every year goes faster that the last.

This year was such a fun year to watch my business really bloom. I got to photograph so many wonderful families, couples, and kiddos; I loved every second of capturing your memories. I got to photograph a number of weddings, lots of families, so many kids, family reunions, birthday parties, and even a birth! Every time someone entrusts their precious memories to me and my camera, I am so honored. That is not something that I take lightly at all.

central illinois photographer
central illinois photographer
elmwood illinois photographer
peoria il family photographer
elmwood illinois family photographer

My Etsy shop continues to grow with new products, and my hand-lettered designs have found new homes in nearly every state now. I feel so blessed every time I hear how God is using those products to remind friends of His promises and how He always places the right words on my heart to be used in the lives of people I don't even know. Through that adventure, I've gotten to travel to craft fairs to meet some of you in person, and even have my designs sold in a handful of physical shops now!

I also got to Design a variety of custom graphic design projects for clients. Logo designs, invitations, marketing materials, and so many other fun projects! I loved working with business to help them creatively solve their visual problems.

On a personal note, I got to watch my family grow as my brother got engaged and we got to know his fiance - we are so excited to officially welcome her into our family in just a few weeks now! We watched my grandpa prepare for a new marriage with his new wife. I drove thousands of miles to visit friends; I got to take adventures with my mom and my sister - including a day trip to Hot Springs, and a trip to a Star Wars museum. I got to go to my favorite place in the whole world - Deception Pass. I got to be reunited with lots of cousins and aunts and uncles I hadn't seen for years. I continued to be amazed by how faithful God is. I petted an elephant. I went to Magnolia Market - twice. I spent a weekend in a cabin with my best friends. I read lots of books, but not as many as I wanted to, I snuggled kitties and babies, I enjoyed my porch swing, I learned new hobbies and didn't turn them into businesses. I learned a thing or two about unplugging and resting well.

And then God surprised me big time when I suddenly found myself moving back to Central Illinois for a new job. It wasn't something that I was looking for or even expected - and it was somewhat scary and in some ways felt like giving up on what I'd been working so hard on for over two years, but in the end I know this is right. I've reconnected with old friends, and made some new ones. I'm back in the place I grew up, walking those same small town sidewalks I never thought I'd be walking again on a regular basis.

What an adventure. It was a great year, really.

I'm so excited about the next year and seeing the adventures that God is going to take me on!

Megan's Beginner DSLR Camera Suggestions

I've had quite a few people lately tell me that they want to get into photography and ask me for camera recommendations. I'm always happy to share my knowledge and answer any questions, but I figured I might as well put it here on my blog for everyone! 

Firstly, the most important thing for you to know if you are wanting to get into photography is that you need to learn to use your camera on Manual Mode. You cannot just buy a more expensive camera and expect to have amazing photos. I’ve often heard it compared to a chef’s pots and pans; while they are certainly important, it is the chef that makes the food good or bad; similarly, it is the photographer who knows how to take a good photo. Learning Manual Mode is hard, but once you understand it and have practiced for a while, it becomes second nature, I promise! Using a DSLR on automatic is just a waste, so don’t do that. If you don’t want to put in the work to learn manual, just buy a nice point and shoot. Further, you have to learn about how light works, about composition, and about editing - there is a lot that goes into photography.

Resources for learning manual mode:

Also, photography gear is expensive. It’s easy to spend a whole lot of money on this hobby, but it is also possible to only purchase the basics and still get some awesome pictures! In this post, I am just going to start with those very basics. If you get those things and still have more money to spend, let me know and I can offer some more options for you – but these are a good start!


Camera Body

The Canon Rebel line is great – I had a Rebel (t2i) for several years and it took me from beginner through my first year in business. You’ll learn that while the camera is an important tool, it’s your skill and knowledge that will really take your photos to the next levelAs far as which Rebel, I haven’t stayed up to date on what they’re coming out with, but I would suggest anything above a t2i (the larger numbers – t3i, t4i, t5i, etc – are newer models, so depending on how much money you want to spend you might look into more details on those models, but I think the main differences are things like rotating screens, touchscreens, etc which are nice but ultimately aren’t that important to the end product of the photographs). I would not get a rebel without the “i” at the end of the model because they are the lower end and won’t be as good in lowlight, won’t focus as well, etc.


Canon t6i

Canon t3i



Good quality lenses are really expensive. Most DSLRs offer the options to come with what is called a “kit lens,” like the 18-55mm or 18-135mm lens. These lenses are not great, but if it’s all you can afford it’s better than your phone for sure. Better quality lenses will result in sharper, clearer pictures, and the ability to open up the aperture wider which allows you to take photos in lower light (especially indoors) and to have those blurry background that everyone is after.

I would recommend getting the Kit Lens to start with unless you have a larger budget. If you have more money to spend, then getting the camera body only along with something like the Tamron 28-75mm/2.8 lens would be a great option.

If you plan on learning Manual Mode right away (which you absolutely should!) I would highly suggest also getting a Prime Lens to work with as these are the easiest to learn with and will result in sharper, higher quality images with those wonderful blurry backgrounds! I would start out with a "Nifty Fifty" which runs about $125 new or a Sigma 30mm 1.4 if you can. The Sigma lens is better quality and a wider, more natural point of view in my opinion and it's what I used on my Rebel when I was learning.

Buying used equipment is a great option to save money as well. Adorama is a very reputable camera store that sells used equipment if you prefer to buy from a store, or I have purchased used equipment on forums, ebay, or facebook groups - just be careful buying from individual sellers and make sure that everything is working right before you do anything!

Madison + Ryan | Peoria IL Engagement Photographer

I loved Madison + Ryan's engagement session! They brought their son, Jonas, along and he took a little while to warm up to the camera - like most children do - but by the end of the Session he was having a blast! I can't wait to photograph their wedding this Summer; I'm sure it is going to be beautiful.

hugo ok engagement photographer
hugo ok family photographer

Megan Schreurs is a Hugo OK Engagement Photographer, specializing in capturing authentic memories. She also photographs families, seniors, and everything else in the Southeastern Oklahoma area.

Catching Up

As I was updating my website (sidenote... did you check out the new website???) I realized just how bad I have been at blogging new sessions. I've been kept so busy this year with wonderful sessions that I haven't had as much time to blog them! 

I'm still hoping to get full blog posts for the many beautiful sessions that I've gotten to capture, but for now I thought I would just put favorites from a whole bunch of 2016 sessions into one post, just so you could see a little of what I've been up to!

The Allred Family | Hugo Oklahoma Family Photographer

I got to photograph the Allred family in an in-home session a while back (I'm so far behind on blogging...oops!) and it was just the best!  Even though they were doing some renovations on a lot of their house so we didn't have as many options, we were able to make their pancake making work even without a kitchen - proof that your house doesn't have to be anything perfect to have your pictures in it. It's your home, and I think that capturing that environment is important, just like capturing your kids just the way they are - before they grow up any more! That's why I love photographing families in their homes. Plus, the kids are more comfortable and able to be their real selves. So the Allreds made chocolate chip pancakes. And they caught chocolate chips in their mouths. And they laughed. And they snuggled on the couch. And there was just a little wrestling. And then they did a cool science experiment. And it was all beautiful, not because of what they were wearing or their perfect smiles, but because love is beautiful.

Hugo Oklahoma Family Photographer

Hugo Oklahoma Family Photographer

Hugo Oklahoma Family Photographer

Hugo Oklahoma Family Photographer

Southeast Oklahoma Family Photographer

Southeast Oklahoma Family Photographer



Soper Oklahoma Family Photographer

Soper Oklahoma Family Photographer

Durant Oklahoma Family Photographer

Durant Oklahoma Family Photographer

Megan Schreurs is a Hugo Oklahoma Family Photographer specializing in capturing real moments and authentic relationships. Contact her today to talk about your photo session.

the story behind the design: set your mind on things above

Set your mind on things above, handlettering It's so easy for me (and I think everyone else too) to get caught up in the negative.  I hear about the latest tragedy, I see hurting people, I read the news, I have a bad day, I listen to the complaining and negativity and it starts to take root in my heart.  Pretty soon I start to forget about the good.  I forget that we have a God who has overcome it all and He promises good things for us.  There are a lot of bad things in this world, but I want to be the type of person who sets her mind on things above, the things of God - the good things.

Instead of whining and dwelling on all the bad, I want to notice the beautiful flowers, to smile at strangers, to remember God's promises, to count my many blessings, and to shine as brightly as I can.

So that's why I created this new design, to remind me to set my mind on the things above.

How do you keep your heart and mind positive in this crazy world we live in?

Hugo OK Engagement Photographer | Malea & Evan

If I speak with human eloquence and angelic ecstasy but don’t love, I’m nothing but the creaking of a rusty gate. If I speak God’s Word with power, revealing all his mysteries and making everything plain as day, and if I have faith that says to a mountain, “Jump,” and it jumps, but I don’t love, I’m nothing. If I give everything I own to the poor and even go to the stake to be burned as a martyr, but I don’t love, I’ve gotten nowhere. So, no matter what I say, what I believe, and what I do, I’m bankrupt without love. Love never gives up. Love cares more for others than for self. Love doesn’t want what it doesn’t have. Love doesn’t strut, Doesn’t have a swelled head, Doesn’t force itself on others, Isn’t always “me first,” Doesn’t fly off the handle, Doesn’t keep score of the sins of others, Doesn’t revel when others grovel, Takes pleasure in the flowering of truth, Puts up with anything, Trusts God always, Always looks for the best, Never looks back, But keeps going to the end. Love never dies. 1 Corinthians 13:1-8 MSG

I recently got to travel to Oklahoma City for this couple's engagement session.  We had such a beautiful day and enjoyed our session wandering through the woods and talking.  Malea & Evan went to (and met at) my Alma Mater, Northwestern College in Orange City, IA, so I was so happy to be about all the college stuff - how campus has changed, favorite professors, campus activities, and mutual friends.  What a joy it was to photograph this beautiful couple!

Hugo OK Photographer

Hugo OK Photographer

Hugo OK Engagement Photographer

Hugo OK Engagement Photographer

Southeast OK photographer

Southeast OK photographer

Megan Schreurs is a Hugo OK Engagement Photographer.  She specializes in capturing natural moments and real memories.  She loves photographing everything from families to weddings, as well as Seniors and just about everything else!  Contact her to chat about your photo session!

Introducing... Greeting Cards

When I started hand-lettering, I first did it for myself, with important reminders that I needed to see often.  Soon, I started doing it for friends who needed a little encouragement.  When I started selling my designs on Etsy, my mission stayed the same - to encourage people and remind them of God's promises. It has always been at the top of my list, but the logistics were a little complicated, so this has been a long time in the making but I am SO excited to finally be able to offer you GREETING CARDS!  Something special for that friend who is going through a tough time and just needs a little reminder of God's promises - and the best part is that they are 5x7 so after they get it, they can frame it for that constant reminder of God's love - and of your's!  Or just frame them for yourself, that works too. ;)

Since I can't offer all of my designs as cards, I carefully selected these 5 verses and designed them just for these greeting cards.  I hope that you'll be able to find one for every circumstance.

encouraging greeting cards

Click here to PREORDER Greeting Cards!

I'm also offering a set of Thank You notes, because God is teaching me the importance of expressing gratitude on a regular basis.  Click here to PREORDER Thank You notes.

hand lettered thank you cards

*** Note that this is a PREORDER - these will not begin the printing/shipment process until March 7.

Southeast Oklahoma Photographer | The Buchanan Family

With two boys under 3, the Buchanan family's photo session could have been chaotic to say the very least.  Instead, they opted for a Documentary Session to capture their real life instead of traditionally posed, smiling at the camera, pictures and it was a relaxed, fun, happy experience for all of us!  These are my favorite sort of photo sessions, the ones that show the beauty of your life.  Not just the well groomed, fake smiles kind of beauty - but the real life: messy hair, pajamas, making pancakes, reading on Mom and Dad's bed, and playing trains kind of beautiful. The kind that real memories are made of.

"You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them." - Desmond Tutu









Megan Schreurs is a Southeast Oklahoma Photographer, serving Hugo and the surrounding areas.  She photographs everything from families to weddings and everything in between.  Contact her today to chat about your photography needs!